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Vacation Memories Candle Bundle

  • $46.00

I wanted to make a special personalized birthday gift for my dad. I thought of vacations he took our family on while I was growing up and the fun memories we have.

Then the *Vacation Memories* candle collection was born!! *Camping At Leesville Lake* smells like sitting on the lakeshore camping. *Myrtle Beach 1985* smells like sea salt ocean air. So much fun!!

Now it's your turn! Create a nostalgic Vacation Memory bundle!

Proudly handmade in our home studio in Ohio, USA
• Two 9 oz candles with 2 boxes of matching matches
• Hand-poured pure soy wax
• Up to 70+ hr burn time each candle
• Fragrance blend: Your choice!
• Natural cotton wicks for a clean burn
• Vegan and animal cruelty-free
• Free from lead, dyes, synthetic fragrances, phthalate, emulsifiers, parabens, GMOs, preservatives and mineral oils

DESIGNED WITH LOVE Each of our candles is created by co-owner + designer, Michelle

HAND-POURED WITH LOVE Each of our soy candles is hand-poured and packaged perfectly by co-owner, James